is a philosophy of eternal vacation.

are ongoing visual journals and travel memoirs from the tropics.

is an artistic tribute to sun, love and life it self.

is a large painting divided to sections, an infinite polyptych.

are exclusive items, unique and each one of a kind.

are distinct colours, fabrics and styles giving every owner a very personal note.

are variations on a theme and therefore flatter all ages and figures.

are tropical flora inspired motifs hand painted by Slovenian artist Tina Avšič.

I am Tina and I am JUNGLENICE!

I am from Slovenia skipping European winters in Indonesia, mostly in Bali. I paint on anything I can: furniture, walls, natural fabric. I'm highly effected by tropical flora and fauna inspiration. I love it and so do my customers. Every item I paint is a particle of my story, a part of a large painting, an infinite polyptych. I'm amazed how every time someone wears a piece I painted, magic happens. The design somehow evolves with the person wearing it, concludes a new story and makes it a true JUNGLENICE experience. I’m so glad I can share my visual poetry all around the world. 

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